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What are the IT and communication services you need and what should they cost? unless you are in the market everyday you won't know   - We do -  and we will make sure you get the best deal in the market today - and wont be stuck with it for 3 years.

Telecommunications management and operations that, if it is done properly,  means your team should be sitting around doing nothing. Your costs should be under control. Your services should be secure, stable and constantly reviewed,

But after the initial rush of resources, time and effort to get it all under control…what is there to do?"


  • Yearly cost reviews with multi year contracts
  • Multiple vendors for cost control
  • Service consolidation for minimum spend savings
  • Fiber, copper, or both and why?
  • Public and private cloud, why mixing it up is better for your business

Service reviews

The irony of IT service and support

Best Voice rates

SIP Trunk over existing IP link $300 capped p/m

Central Coast NSW based communications consultants.

Contract negotiation for your I.T and communications is a tricky business, to get the savings you want you will need to contract for 3 years, but you also need to protect your costs in a competitive falling market. We acan show you how.


Symmetrical Fiber

Sydney CBD 400 Mbps for under $1000 p/m

Best deals

I.T and Communications are not your core business, but you rely on the speed and reliability of these service to enable your business. You need services you can rely on and someone to manage them to make sure your day to day is your business.

Based on the Central Coast in NSW, TOPYN is a Co-op of I.T professionals that work on the Coast and in Sydney. We have banded together to use our 3 hour daily train commute, and time on the Coast, to try and build a local business. Hopefully as the area grows  we can stop the commute for good. If you are a business interested in helping or an IT Commuter looking for something to get into please let us know.

TOPYN - The Only Professionals You Need - is an initiative of iFive technology group ABN 12 151 790 153

Poor I.T and Telecommunications operations are easy to spot. There is a lot of fire fighting, a lot of time, effort and meetings taking focus away from core business and a lot of activity that have little to no meaning in the business except for the fact they are slowing it down, stopping it completely or being responsible for high costs that your business does not understand

Cloud infrastructure

Multi vendor, multi region - 50% saving